17 Continuous
Learning Programs

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Your company doesn’t become agile by rolling out an oversized scaled agile framework.

You don’t get an agile transformation just by sending some people to certified courses.

And you can forget about disruptive innovation when you have no learning organization.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have worked on a new qualification program (Shiftup) and a platform for collaborative lifelong learning (MindSettlers). A small number of pioneers helped me to explore the idea of continuous learning across the organization. Together, they have already earned 84 diplomas by reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, participating in meetups, doing exercises, attending webinars, and much more.

I believe a critical job for every creative professional is to never stop learning!

The Shiftup qualification programs are gamified because we keep nudging participants to continue their learning journeys. The system is open because players can link to any public content on the Internet. And the programs are democratic because we invite everyone to add their own favorite activities. Oh, and we have a free membership plan!

These are the new programs that I am launching this summer:

Agility & InnovationProduct ManagementProject & Portfolio ManagementManagement & LeadershipStartups & EntrepreneurshipUser Experience & UI DesignDevelopment & EngineeringArchitecture & Technical DesignQuality Assurance & TestingOperations & MaintenanceService & SupportHR & People DevelopmentFinance & AccountingSales & MarketingCoaching & MentoringChange ManagementSelf-Development & Growth

And I also have a couple of new workshops coming up:

When you have an organization full of continuous learners, they can create their own scaled agile framework because they have learned to think for themselves.

With an organization full of continuous learners, you get your agile transformation for free because they all know better ways of working.

And in an organization with continuous learners, you can expect more disruptive innovation because no continuous learner is satisfied with the status quo.

Do you want a continuous learning organization? Send everyone here to sign up for free. *)
Would you like to see progress reports of your continuous learners? Contact me.

*) p.s. Free memberships do not include diplomas.