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Shiftup Business Agility & Innovation Leader (ICAgile Business Agility Foundations)

We are in an age of innovation. The lifespan of products is shrinking at a breathtaking pace. So too the lifespan of companies and organizations – that do not learn the life cycle of innovation and the skills needed to execute it with ever increasing competency.

Different stages in the innovation life cycle of a product require distinctly different actions. Achieving product success and maximizing value from that product require that you know these innovation life cycle stages and what actions are required of you and your organization in each stage. You need to learn and create the necessary skills and culture to execute these stages well.

Looking more broadly, you need to do more than create a marketable product or service. You need at the same time to create the ability to do it again and again. You need to build the capability for continuous innovation. To do that you need to know the mindset, methods and culture that enable and sustain an innovation environment and the continuous flow of ideas. You need to know how to successfully manage an innovation funnel and the fluid shift of multiple product ideas from one stage to the next.

The Shiftup Business Agility & Innovation Leader Workshop addresses these topics and more, including the principles and common practices of Lean-Agile business innovation. It is a combination of facilitator-led instruction, peer discussion, and team exercises that help attendees understand how innovation works across the lifecycle of a business, and that raise student awareness of their role in the creation and delivery of innovative products and services in continuously changing environments.

What You Will Learn

In two days, you will see that the basic unit for innovation is the strategic business model. You will understand how each business model evolves from exploration and effectiveness to exploitation and efficiency, through definite stages. And you will learn how managers, leaders, designers, and developers need to organize their work differently to create an organization that can reinvent itself continuously and that can scale tremendously.

The Shiftup Business Agility & Innovation Leader workshop teaches participants to apply Lean-Agile thinking to all aspects of business innovation.

Attendees qualify to become an ICAgile Certified Professionals in Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF).


  • Coaches, consultants, team managers, business leaders, product designers, product developers, product managers, project managers, human resource managers.
  • Anyone wanting to achieve a foundational understanding of how innovation tools fit into the larger picture of your business life cycles.
  • Anyone whose company wishes to achieve a coherent approach to establishing a startup and scaleup culture and the capability for continuous innovation.

This is a foundational workshop. No prior knowledge or certifications of lean thinking, business agility or innovation are required. Some experience with new product development and business management (in any role), any some familiarity lean/agile principles will be helpful.

Course Materials and Your Instructors

This course is the product of world-renowned agilest, entrepreneur, author and thought leader, Jurgen Appelo. It is delivered by Clear Systems LLC instructors personally trained by Jurgen through Happy Melly BV.

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