The Innovation Vortex Assessment

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In this exercise, you assess the innovation processes of one of your projects or product teams. (This exercise should be done with a pairing partner!)

The goal of this assessment is to have a good understanding of the innovative capabilities of your team or project. In which areas are you doing a good job? And which areas could benefit from a bit more of your attention?

Duration: 20 minutes
Group size: 2 people
Requirements: Innovation Vortex Assessment sheet
Presence: collocated or online

1. Get a copy of the Innovation Vortex Assessment sheet

You can get a copy from a facilitator, or you can download it for free after becoming a member of the Shiftup Program.

In the case of an online workshop, it is useful to have this sheet already printed before you start.

2. Form a pair of two people

If you do this exercise as part of an online workshop, use a breakout room or separate video chat to form a temporary team of two people.

Each pairing partner does a self-assessment of the innovation processes of a project or product team that he/she is working on. The other person is there to ask questions and to help with the self-reflection. Start with one, and then switch roles after around 10 minutes.

3. Score points for the first stream

You can start with any of the seven streams, but most people begin with the Contextualize stream. Read out the text under the chosen stream and answer the questions.

  • When your product team did great work in the last week, then you earn three points.
  • When your team did great work in the last month, then you earn two points.
  • When your team did great work in the last three months, then you earn one point.

It is possible, and maybe even desirable, to earn all six points of the stream. This happens when you can convince your pairing partner that your product team has spent time (for the selected stream) in all three periods: last week, last month, and last quarter.

4. Repeat for all streams

Now repeat the same for the other six streams. For each stream, you can earn between zero and six points.

5. Calculate the results

Count the number of points. It should be anywhere between 0 and 42. This is the innovation vortex score that you have achieved with your product team.

6. Switch roles

Now your pairing partner takes over and does the same exercise from the beginning.

7. Evaluate

In the case of a workshop, get back to the group, and report your findings. What did you find out? How did the assessment make you feel about your innovation practices?

By reading this article, you made progress toward your Agility & Innovation Qualification. Report your results here and collect your experience points!

This exercise is part of the Shiftup Business Agility & Innovation Leader workshop. An official workshop is a fun and easy way to earn experience points. Check out our calendar here.


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