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Almudena  Rodriguez Pardo
9 / 10 Rating for private events based on 3 evaluations
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Almudena Rodriguez Pardo


Business Agility Consultant at Rodriguez Pardo & Assocs

PMI-ACP®, PSM®, Certified Kanban Coach®, SAFe® SPC5, Less Practitioner, ICA-BAF

I studied at the RWTH University in Aachen (Germany), and have more than 20 years operational experience in the telecommunication industry, where I have been engaged as a senior software developer, quality coordinator and technical market support engineer in several IT projects.

I am a passionate agilist, and, for the last years, I was strongly involved in the Agile transformation of a wide variety of companies, as well as supporting the DevOps approach in Agile telecommunication projects, where I gained extensive skills in large-scale Agile transformation.

I have taken part as international speaker at Agile conferences worldwide (ScanAgile Helsinki, Agile Tour London, Agile Practitioners TelAviv, ScrumDays Stuttgart, Agile PEP Minds summit Berlin).

August 2017 I created my own company,  Rodriguez Pardo & Assocs, to support companies worldwide drive their Agile and DevOps transformation.

Attendees feedback

Peter Schifferl, MA 01 - Wien Digital

Almudena has a broad knowledge in Agil and agil transformation.

Norma Lidia Acevedo Lopez, REWE digital

Experience, enthusiasm, flow, inspiration.

Daniel Sánchez-Matamoros Carmona

friendly, cool, a lot of real examples and very good explanations

Alfonso García

Everything was explained very clearly. It was fun and the facilitator gave really good examples.

Antonio Amador

Clarity and quality, it is clear that Almudena has a deep knowledge of the matter and the ability to engage attendants to make the most of the session.

Aneta TERNOVSCHI, Softonic

Excellent presentation skills, motivating, engaging, extremely knowledgeable with tons of practical examples

Caterina Greco

A lot of examples, a good mix of theory and practice, entertaining.

Ignacio Pavon, Fujitsu

Very adaptative, effective and ordered

Victoria Vidal Rodríguez

Como formadora y mentorizadora no deja indiferente y es capaz de transmitir visiones nuevas sobre gestión.

Nicolas Drosson

adaptation to the public good presentation skills good atmosphere in the training

Heribert Decker, Raiffeisen Software

Knowledge, Enthusiastic, open for feedback

Manfred Obenauer, Raiffeisen Software GmbH

Long experience in the business, brings competent practical examples, leaves room for discussions without loosing sight of the main objective

Gerald Ganglberger, Raiffeisen Software GmbH

Almudena hat die Inhalte sehr lebendig und authentisch wiedergegeben!

Hans-Peter Wolf, Raiffeisen Software

geht auf individuelle Anregungen sofort ein bringt viele Beispiele zum besseren Verständnis

Tanja Wimmer-Ryan

Excellent knowledge and practical experience; Mrs. Rodriguez\'s examples kept me engaged on the subject.

Smaragdi Giota

great energy! It never got boring!

Alexander Weber, A1

perfect balance between knowledge transfer, real life examples, humor and exercises

Sabrina Muia, A1 Telekom Austria AG

Trainer was sooo cool. Technically very competent and with the certain fun in the workshop that you need

Jürgen Kaiser, A1

very high professional competence and good structure to convey the learning material.

Thomas Woodhouse

Strong knowledge, great examples.

Maike Hartung, commercetools GmbH

Very human, friendly, attentive, approachable even though through zoom distance is easily created or felt, she managed to involve everyone constantly

Natascha Nigro

- was highly focused on fulfilling our wishes and needs - very good moderation and walking us through the training - took the time to answer all our questions - well prepared exercises with easy instructions to follow

Stefanie Seebauer

Animated, passionate, excellent teacher qualities

Valentina Tammaro, commercetools, GmbH

lots of knowledge, energetic, interesting facts and exercises

Margaret Hannah Trice

Questions were answered thoroughly and she did a great job doing facilitating virtually, making sure we had enough breaks, etc.

Evi Lazaridou, Commercetools

Almudena organised the course very efficiently and the course run smoothly without delays. She was very proactive from the beginning to ensure we won\'t have any technical problems. She is very patient, polite and pleasant, and has a very positive attitude. She seems to put a lot of effort in creating material for the exercises and also material that it is engaging and at times funny and enjoyable. She uses a lot of practical examples to make concepts and ideas understood.

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