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Primitivo Cachero Viejo


Primi is consultant, coach & trainer, certified in innovation, leadership, Lean, strategic coordination, enterprise service planning, Kanban & Scrum to help to develop a Practical Humane Leadership, Lean Thinking and Agility to create Organizational Flow & Antifragility to evolve teaching people 'the why' behind everything they do to adapt & benefit from continuous change doing the things more easy.

Primi have experience in software development for over 30 years and from 2011 contributing to the digital evolution of companies helping in all levels to generate continuous organizational flow with purpose to give the best customer value, with the best reviews in sectors as diverse as Aerospace and Military, Banking, Governments & Institutions, Shops, Sports, Energy, Automotive, Health, Telecommunications, Insurance, Postal Services & Infrastructures.

Primi help to achieve a strategic alignment, with better coordination & interactions to adapt, accompanying to evolve structures, portfolios, strategies & gobernance models to improve processes, products & services removing waste & developing new behaivors through learnability & more humane leadership in the 'genba', OODA loops, Flow & your Ikigai because not exist a organizational culture, exist people in the organization with behaivors.

Primi believe we dont develop value, only oportunities of value, until customer has it in their hands and gives feedback with people committed to continuous improvement at all levels to take ownership of the problems & to generate sustainable solutions.

His vision is organizations to give the best products & services evolving towards a more humane, sustainable & adaptable world, with hight impact at society & his purpose & mission is teach to people & organizations to develop resilient & become antifragile.

Primi is creator of TESTA Method (A method to Transform Emotions & Sentiments Transcending through Actions), coaching towards antifragility to help people to evolve through purpose.

Among his services, in addition to advisoring, consulting and coaching he have certified courses as:
- Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop
- Management 3.0 Foundation + Workout Workshop
- Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop
- Management 3.0 Fundamentals Plus Workshop
- Management 3.0 Energizing People Workshop
- Business Agility & Innovation Leader (ICAgile ICP-BAF Certified) Workshop
- Your Lean path to evolve through genba Workshop
- Discovering your Ikigai Workshop
- Practical Humane Leadership Program
- TESTA Method Program

Attendees feedback

Christina Chan

His knowledge about this matter and his way to share it.

Santiago Sánchez García, CECA Bank

Puso ejemplos de la vida real que ayudaron a comprender mejor los temas del curso. Se hicieron muchas prácticas y resolvió muchas dudas. Generó un buen entorno de colaboración

Vicente Belinchón González, Escuela Universitaria de Informática (UPM)

Experience and abity to communicate

Aitor Elorriaga, Kairós DS

Energy, experience, socratic method 🙂

Christian Ortega

Very clear in the exposition and great knowledge

Elena Lizarbe Ortin, CECA Bank

dynamic, clear and transparent

Alcibíades Cabral Díaz, Kairos

Capacidad para generar debate y enfoque práctico de las técnicas.

Raquel Gavilán Párraga , Kairós DS

Conocía muy bien las técnicas y tenía experiencia en su uso

Lucas Mazzino, Kairos Digital Solutions & Big Data

Knowledge, experience and passion.

David Depedroviejo, atmira

Primitivo is a very close and easy to speak facilitator. He bring\'s on, not only knowledge, also real case scenarios that provide a better understanding and succesful deployment of these methodologies.

Milena Beltran Asin, atmira

Dynamic, patient, proactive, communication skills, hard knowledge in this area.


very well structured course, agile, very practical and functional, made the concepts very clear.

Marta Aramburu Tamargo, Atmira

Mensajes claros, explicaciones muy completas, ejercicios útiles e interesantes. Formador muy accesible en todos los aspectos.

Maria Moreno

Carismático, empático, idealista, facilitador, tolerante, servicial.

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