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Arjun Majumdar


I am an Agile Coach with 12+ experience in transforming Organizations from Waterfall to Agile. I believe people are capable of achieving great results provided they are given the environment and support to experiment and learn. I had heard of Management 3.0 in 2014 and started implementing the practices since then. Looking forward for mutual learning and collaborative success.

Attendees feedback

Rahul Sharma, Eastman Chemical India Pvt Ltd.

Arjun is a perfect example of great communicator and leader. I really liked the leadership skills and enjoy working with Arjun, because of his politeness and respect for everyone. Arjun is also great at motivating people and helping them to find the best solution through coaching sessions. He always was there to help others to be the best version of themselves.

Mahesh Kadiyala, Eastman Chemical India Pvt Ltd.

An easy and motivational servant leader to work with, Arjun is an effective communicator. He has the flexibility to jump in wherever needed. He brings a vast experience to the team and is always available for any coaching needs. His ways of conflict resolution is exceptional. No one could ever forget the Behavioral Improvement sessions he presented. He was the voice of the teams to the broader audience. The way understands in and out of the problem to get it resolved is quite inspiring. Perhaps most importantly, he inspired those who worked with and for him to do exceptional work. It was wonderful working with Arjun.

Navya Sahithi C, ValueLabs LLP

MR Arjun is a very good agile coach, who exactly knows what "AGILE" is and strive to share it and educate others. He keeps entire effort, to build a perfect Agile team with out hurting any team member's feelings.He coaches in such a way, that, every one understands the very basic of AGILE and tends to follow it perfectly.

Krishna Priya Vasireddy

Breadth of the knowledge, interactive and keeping it interesting all through out.

Selvaganesan Balasubramanian, F5 Networks

Engaging, Thoughtful, and SME

Sekhar Chebolu, F5 Networks

Explained the material well, The game was good (Forbidden Island)

santosh matam

He could engage the audience very well

santosh matam

He could engage the audience very well

santosh matam

He could engage the audience very well

satyanarayana Murty Esakonu, F5 india

The facilitator has done very good job in conducting using different play methods.

Kalyan Kumar TV, f5

Good presentation material

Nitin Sharma, F5 Networks

I really like the activities he has planned for us to understand the topics.

Phani Kumar Varma Kalidindi Venkata, F5 Networks

Very practical and helped in understanding the key concepts with live examples

Rupak Sinha

less theory and more practical ways of learning

Arian Lori-Amini

Easy to understand and very knowledgeable and experienced

Rajeswaran M C, F5

Had good knowledge on the subject

Durga Prasad Chilukuri, F5 Networks

Deep insight to managerial concepts, tools and techniques for practical application at work place

Harsha Tellakula, F5 Networks

Calm and organised

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