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Daniel Pokrývka

Czech Republic

Senior professional with 15 years of experience gathered in various roles related to fintech products. Rooted in agile collaboration, passionate, loving a good fight, culture promoter, strategic mindset, live & work in Prague, CZ.

Working on
• organizational design
• business agility
• continuous innovation

Focusing on
• Wardley maps
• Agile “Bossanova” (company-wide agility, beyond budgeting, open space and sociocracy)
• Management 3.0 & Shiftup
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Gamification concept
• S.O.L.I.D. abstraction as a response to complexity in management

Key experience with
• Managing WHY, HOW, WHEN & WHAT
• Boosting functional efficiency
• Reducing complexity
• Promoting “good” and minimizing “bad” costs

Active in roles
• Product leader
• Product / Business analysts line manager
• Program product manager
• Pro-bono agile & product mentor/coach

Roles performed in past
• Platform product manager
• Country support product owner
• Project manager
• Development lead & scrum master
• SW engineer
• Analyst & Tester

Roles in my sports career
• sports events organizer, promoter and innovator
• board member of national billiard organization
• professional poolbilliard player (Sports Club Billard Centrum Prague, CZE)

One should always have a company cross-functional perspective. The path I have walked so far has led me to understand how to find consensus and serve as a vehicle to help reach meaningful solutions in the fintech industry.

I have enjoyed victories but surely some failures too helping businesses to manage aggressive timelines, but also learned to see alternatives that can safeguard sanity and provide a sustainable pace of evolution to prevent turnover, attrition, or stakeholder dissatisfaction.

Starting my career as a SW engineer, I have created solutions in enterprise domains learning what makes a difference to the business. Soon enough my hunger for experience switched to product and leadership roles. I still do occasional pet projects to remind myself of the craft and enjoy the feeling of knowing how the whole clock works.

My hobbies are science (maths, astrophysics, Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson,..), reading about secular humanism and religion, IoT, AR and machine learning, sports (ice hockey, floorbal, billiards) and comedy (notably George Carlin, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, standup comedians). I am also from time to time volunteering to help my friends with startups and collaborating pro-bono on good stuff (Outboxers,..). Also a key-note speaker once on a CIO conference.

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