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Mike Leber


Mike Leber is an international thought leader on Agile and Business Agility. Working in this space since more than 20 years his main topics are business transformation, innovation, leadership and adaptive ways for change.

Located in Vienna, Austria, with a strong presence in the German speaking are, Mike works globally as Executive Consultant, Business Agility Coach and Trainer. As founder and general manager of Agile Experts e.U., he and his teams work with large international groups as well as with startups in disruptive business domains.

In addition Mike Leber collaborates with several entrepreneurs on a growing pan-European "Experience Hub", offering premium consulting services on various business agility topics. As member of the "Heart of Agile" team, Mike works closely with agile manifesto author Alistair Cockburn. Mike is also the chair of the International Business Agility Conference in Vienna.

Next to many badges, Mike is a Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach and an educated ORSC Coach (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching), with a very strong track record coaching & mentoring leaders as well as helping to grow highly effective teams.

Find some of the offerings from Mike and his colleagues under the following links:

All offerings available in German & English language, as well as on-site, inhouse and online.

Community - In addition Mike Leber is committed to co-facilitating non profit communities such as Scrum User Group Vienna, local meetups (e.g. ProductTank Vienna, Agile Coaching Exchange Austria) or the Agile Lean Europe network. He speaks frequently at international conferences and teaches at universities in Wr. Neustadt, Krems and Graz.

Attendees feedback

Derval+ Kennedy, StratAdept

Mike was relaxed and easygoing in manner. He was very professional and gave plenty of opportunity for participation, encouraging interaction between the group.

Konrad Hammerl

Undogmatic, which is really good. Emphasized especially "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" and "Responding to change over following a plan" (without mentioning this).

Martin Putz

- broad experience, interesting "side" stories, very good presentation skills, deep understanding of topic and industry.

Wolfgang Blickle

Mike is extremely knowledgeable in various areas around "lean" and "agile". At the same time he is humble enough to accept other views and other views plus their inventors/presenters. I really like his balanced style and approach.

Larisa aragon

Mike is a great trainer and very knowledgeable in many areas such as OD, Project Management to mention only a few. He is also very flexible and help participants with specific change challenges.

Heiko Laug

A very deep knowledge in the various fields touching change management.

Karin Strube

I will use the lean change mgmt concept right away on my next change project! This workshop is a 100% recommendation.

Yves Stalgies

- rich of experience - non dogmatic - honest - straight foreward

Shirley Roach

The format that the facilitator used in combining "lecture", working groups and discussion groups generated a lot of discussion and learning from him as well as other participants. The topics were practical and not just theory which is very helpful.

Kessete Tekie

He portrayed the human qualities that leadership requires, and rarely has, for large scale organisational transformation

Norman Blunden

Kept things simple. Was easy to engage with. Encouraged participation in the class setting. Clearly very knowledegable and passionate on the topic, with many discussions we could relate to.

Biase De Gregorio, IQ Business

Practical stories and approaches. Very relaxed and conversational

Biase De Gregorio, IQ Business

Engaging, good stories and practical tools and tips

Ferhaana Wally

Knowledgeable and kept us all engaged.

Brand Zietsman, IQBusiness

Humility Engaging

Erich Stamhuis

Ability to express himself well. Good observer and facilitator of learning. Used good exercises/practical application. Good work tempo.

Mary Whitehouse

Extremely knowledgeable, well-paced delivery, approachable, energetic, excellent planning and organisation of the sessions. I enjoyed your sense of humour although most of the room didn't get it!

Hannchen Wiese

He is well experienced and understands very well the mental shift required from managers to recognise their current management style and facilitated really well how to progress into a different style, i.e. managing a complicated environment vs managing a complex environment. He also provided practical tools to use to facilitate the move.

Bernie Jardim

Knowledgeable Explained concepts well Sense of humor Prompted interaction Kept audience engaged

Miriam Brückner

Huge knowledge, participant oriented program

Jurica Baraba

The facilitator managed the event in an excellent way. A lot of good hints and experiences were shared. We got also a lot of time to talk about our problems and how solutions could look like.

Matthais Bulligk

extrem breites und tiefes Wissen + Erfahrungen

De Waal Hoon, IQ Business

Mike's knowledge of the subject is excellent and it was very interactive.

Artur Tomczak, Experts Inside GmbH

Sehr viele Praxis Beispiele, Stories rund um Management 3.0 - Anwendung

Gerald Czech, Austrian Red Cross

Profund knowledge of many different theoretical and practical approaches to the complex requirements of management as function in non-linear contexts. Compentent training skills foster the learning effort of the attendees.

Gerd Klima, eurofunk Kappacher GmbH

Experience, concrete examples, hands-on mentality (not too much theory)

Certificate of Attendance Foundation Workshop Lean Change Agent Facilitator Gold ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Talent (ICP-AHR) Authorized Instructor Shifup Facilitator Badge IC Agile Authorized Instructor Business Agility and Innovation Leader - Shiftup Attendee Badge Shiftup ICP-BAF Badge Guide Badge
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