Motivation and
Gamification at Work

For many years, organizations have wondered how to motivate their workers. Average employee engagement has been low for decades, and no employee engagement program seems to have a lasting effect. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are plenty of examples of organizations with very motivated and engaged workers. Many of them, deliberate or not, rely on principles and practices that we also find in gamification.

Gamification is all about applying concepts and techniques from good game design. The purpose of games is to give people a great time while doing some activities together. How is that any different from working together as a team? But beware! Gamification comes with a dark side. We need to avoid addiction and unintended consequences.

In this workshop, we are pioneers trying to find out what we can learn from gamification to have happier, more engaged colleagues and team members.

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  • Expected: January 2022

Our self-paced workshops consist of different activities. We expect you to read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and more. This is all followed by a series of online workshop meetups, which include various discussions and exercises. These meetups are repeated multiple times across different time zones so that all attendees have a choice of different options. When you miss a meetup, you can still attend one of the others or choose to watch the video later.

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