Self-paced Workshops are Coming!

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Did it happen that you wanted to attend a workshop but could not attend because of conflicting schedules? Does your daily schedule make it difficult to spend time on continuous learning? Work-life is getting crazy and we are getting used to more and more uncertain schedules, projects, and assignments. That’s why we wanted to help you build your continuous learning habit with our Qualification Program. It is also why, from Jan 2021, we are offering three self-paced certification workshops. That means that you will be able to earn official ICAgile certifications in a self-paced manner: learn when you want and where you want, 100% remotely.

From January 2021, we offer three self-paced workshops with an official ICAgile certificate: ICAgile Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF), ICAgile Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA), and ICAgile Product Management (ICP-PDM). Each one is a mix of videos, discussions, exercises, and assignments but the common denominator is that you will have total control over your calendar. For each learning objective in the program, you will have a choice of activities. You decide which sessions you attend and when. And you can do it all in just a few weeks, between or after office hours, or you spread it out over several months. It’s your choice.

Of course, you can also attend collocated and online workshops with our licensed facilitators if you prefer to set aside a few dedicated time slots and earn the ICAgile certificate faster. We want you to choose what fits you best.

We will make videos and assignments available for all participants from Monday, 4 January 2021 but we are now offering early bird pricing (20% discount) for those who want to book their seat. Interested? Click the button below to learn more.

Don’t you think it’s time to continue investing in yourself?

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