The Lean-Agile Values & Principles Exercise

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In this exercise, you discuss examples of good team/organizational practices, and you match them with lean-agile values and principles.

The primary goal is to get a sense of what other people believe Lean and Agile stand for and to learn from each other’s different perspectives. A secondary goal is to highlight and appreciate positive experiences together.

Duration: 15 minutes
Group size: 2 to 8 people
Requirements: Lean-Agile Values & Principles Tag Cloud
Experience points: 25 (Lean-Agile Principles)


1. Get a Lean-Agile Values & Principles Tag Cloud sheet

You can get this sheet from a facilitator, or you can download it when you sign up for the Shiftup Program.

2. Randomly pick a person to tell a story

Set a timer to 1 minute. Ask one person to share an example or short story of what he/she believes is a good team practice (or a good organizational practice).

3. Match the story with values and principles

Set the timer again to 1 minute. Let each other person in the group review the Lean-Agile Values & Principles Tag Cloud and silently mark the tags that match the shared example.

4. Briefly discuss the outcomes

Set the timer to 2 minutes. Compare the results across the entire group. Which of the values and principles did the group members pick most often? Which were chosen by only one person?

5. Repeat with another group member

Repeat steps 1 to 4 until the total time for the exercise has run out.

You made progress toward yourShiftup Business Agility & Innovation Qualification. Report your results here and collect your experience points!

This exercise is part of the Shiftup Business Agility & Innovation Leader workshop. An official workshop is a fun and easy way to earn 33% of the required experience points. Check out our calendar here.


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