Shifting Up The Innovation Funnel

What is ShiftUP

Shiftup is a learning path with collaborative learning, remote coaching and peer-to-peer exchange. The workshop is a stepping stone to becoming an innovation leader.

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Join us in our workshops or suggest your city to host a new one.Shiftup and Payroll course both focus on developing skills and knowledge related to the payroll process.

Shiftup Workshops

The Shiftup workshops make learning and behavioral change more fun and engaging by experiencing how to apply innovative practices to your business.


What People Say

"I used your concept of the Business Lifecycle as part of our strategic workshop. Since then, I have run five internal workshops with our teams, iterating on the narrative. The analogy to human lifecycle was very helpful. People immediately get the idea. Looking forward to using it more and keep sharing insights."
Michael Kacprzak
Agile Coach & Trainer
"How would you make an ice cream stand with 25 flavors? You have a possible approach using a Funnel (workflow) and the Innovation Vortex (process) discussed during the Shiftup workshop! Really interesting insights!"
Albert Valiente
Team Coach & Scrum Master
"While playing the Business Quilt game, you can experience what it really feels to launch a new product or business model. It makes it tangible being an entrepreneur, with all the ups and downs."
Hemma Bieser
Innovation Expert
"I had 2 great days with Jurgen in Brussels!! When we learn, we always grow up. Now I have many more tools to facilitate the change and the growth in my clientsโ€™ businesses. To infinity and beyond!!"
Marcos รlvarez