by Jurgen Appelo

Shiftup is a new brand of workshops, created by Jurgen Appelo, which embraces continuous innovation and business agility as the starting point for organizational change. At this time, there is one foundational class called Business Agility & Innovation Leader. Later, there will be follow-up professional classes for specific roles of workers in innovative, agile organizations. All foundational and professional classes will come with official ICAgile certification.

Courseware Content

Each Shiftup course consists of modules, and each module contains several topics. These topics are defined in such a way that together, they satisfy all Learning Objectives of an ICAgile certificate. On top of that, each course has additional topics focusing on continuous innovation and business agility.

A part of the content will be offered via the Mind Settlers app and platform. Another part will be available on Google Drive. The community will collaborate on Slack and on the Mind Settlers platform.

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Shiftup Membership

As a member, you have direct access to content, coaching, and a community of peers. Depending on your membership level (and your achievements/badges), you gain access to courseware, games, and exercises, supported by a team that takes care of global marketing and ongoing content development. With our exclusive materials, you can organize and facilitate events and workshops anywhere in the world.

Membership applies to all current and future courses. This means that you pay only one membership fee for access and usage of all modules, in all modalities, across all courses. (Of course, you will also need to earn the appropriate badges. You only have access to content when you pay the right fee and earn the right badges).

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As a member, you get certain benefits, such as the right to exclusive content, coaching, and community access. In other words, you unlock access by attending Shiftup workshops and by paying the appropriate fee.

One important benefit is the right to use the courseware materials in workshops and to award badges to the participants of those events.

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