Our Company

Shiftup is a set of community-driven learning paths with collaborative learning, remote coaching, self-development, and peer-to-peer exchange, focused on continuous innovation & business agility. We want to re-invent traditional certification and instead focus on qualification. With our qualification programs, we want to get people to actively work together and to experiment, reflect and discuss.

Shiftup Membership

Our memberships offer you access to exclusive content that help you to collect experiences in a cross-functional way, not limited to one method or framework, and to earn recognition for community contributions and actual accomplishments. 

Our qualification programs are the perfect starting point for those aiming to be part of a gamified self-development environment, with an equal emphasis on business agility and continuous innovation, and for those willing to create the future together. Are you the next one to join?

You can join our program as a free member and start achieving a coherent approach to a startup and scaleup culture within a corporate environment.

Or you can get access to exclusive content, courseware, and events and join as an Explorer or as a Pioneer for additional member benefits. 

Now is the time to get qualified, not certified!


As a free member, you have access to curated content that is reviewed, evaluated, and ordered on a daily basis. You find articles, exercises, slides, videos, meetups, webinars, podcasts… and you can even suggest content to be added.

As an Explorer, you receive guidance, tips, and reports of your progress, you can promote your own content, get access to videos, meetups, and webinars. If you are a Pioneer, you have the opportunity to use our courseware and you will have your own profile and events on our website.  

We don’t offer certificates for just attending a workshop! We measure when people have put in enough effort and then we reward them with an official qualification diploma. This program is different from any other program you have tried. It’s better, newer, harder.