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Why Shiftup

What is Shiftup?

Shiftup is a new brand of workshops, created by Jurgen Appelo, which focuses on continuous innovation as a company goal. It is not limited to a single topic (such as management), nor a single role (such as product ownership). Instead, it takes continuous innovation as the prerequisite for business agility and brings applicable tools to facilitators to then take and grow agile organizational change.

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What is the difference between Management 3.0 and Shiftup?

Management 3.0 focuses on leadership and management. Shiftup focuses on continuous innovation. Shiftup is the newest and most updated workshop currently offered by Jurgen Appelo. (The Shiftup team works together with the Management 3.0 team to ensure the two brands align well.)

What is the difference between Agility Scales and Shiftup?

Agility Scales is a technology startup working to grow agile mindsets from the bottom up. Shiftup utilizes their technology –namely, the Mind Settlers app– in its workshops so that participants can take what they learn to their everyday lives with the ease of an app.

Why should I become a Shiftup facilitator? I already have multiple facilitation badges under my belt.

The Shiftup program provides you with new perspectives to connect the dots between Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Lean and Agile, and allows you to become a Business Agility & Innovation Leader. The foundation workshop helps attendees understand how innovation works across the lifecycle of a business, while building awareness on each individual’s role in the creation and delivery of innovative products and services in continuously changing environments. Through facilitating Shiftup, you will uniquely contribute to business agility for people who come to your workshop.
In addition, Shiftup supports you at crucial steps along the way to your facilitation. Here is a list of benefits the Shiftup program offers to you as a facilitator.

Becoming a Facilitator

What are the criteria for becoming a Shiftup facilitator?

Attend a Shiftup foundational course and notify the Shiftup team of your interest in becoming a facilitator. If you have successfully completed the Shiftup course with Jurgen Appelo or with a certified facilitator, you are eligible to become a facilitator yourself.

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How do I find a workshop to go on the Shiftup facilitator track?

Here is a current list of workshops available.

There is no event in my city/area, do you offer online training?

At the moment, we do not offer online training. However, we are planning to offer a self-paced learning path in the near future.

What’s the process once I submit my Shiftup facilitator application?

Once we receive your facilitator application, our team will reach out to you with the licensing agreement and the onboarding process. We will work with you to complete these steps as efficiently as possible so that you can begin scheduling your own Shiftup workshop.

What are the fees associated with Shiftup facilitation?

Membership fees are calculated per month and they depend on the purchasing power level per country (where you are officially based), which is determined by the average GDP per capita*. Upon initial registration, we require you to pay the first year in full. After the first year, you will be changed monthly.
Category A countries: 100€
Category B countries: 85€
Category C countries: 70€
Category D countries: 55€
Category E countries: 40€
Example: Upon initial registration, a facilitator based in Germany (a category B country), pays the first year in full € 1020. After the first year, they will be charged € 85.00 per month for the usage of exclusive content and direct access to the facilitators’ community when organizing events and workshops. Please note, the facilitator fee includes an instructor authorization session with ICAgile (a value of $250-$1000 per person).
In addition to our yearly License Fees we charge Event Fees per official event/workshop per participant and they depend on the purchasing power level per country (where the participant is based), which is determined by the average GDP per capita*.

What are country categories, and how do I find mine?

Link to country categories. Shiftup fees are determined based on the country where you are based in your work, ie. where you pay taxes for your work. For instance, if you are a facilitator from Greece but you invoice customers from a company based in Spain primarily, then your country category would follow Spain.

Where can I access the licensing agreement?

Once you submit the facilitator application, our team will send you the licensing agreement. Please contact us if you would like the agreement.


How do I claim my ICAgile authorization? Do you pay for my ICAgile authorization fee?

Our team will be in touch with you regarding the days and times of when you can claim your ICAgile authorization. That authorization meeting is handled by ICAgile itself, and we arrange the meeting for you. Shiftup membership fees include ICAgile authorization. At the foundation level, there is a maximum of one authorization session per year.

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Do you certify my workshop participants for ICAgile certification?

Official ICAgile certification is included in the event fees paid for participants. Registration is managed by the Shiftup team.

Do I have to study to get the ICAgile authorization?

The ICAgile authorization session is a conversation between you, and an ICAgile representative to make sure you are well-versed in the content of Shiftup. If you have attended the Shiftup foundation workshop and reviewed the tools and approaches, you should be prepared for the ICAgile authorization session.

Does the ICAgile authorization expire?
Can I run a Shiftup workshop without having the ICAgile authorization?

No, you need to authorize with ICAgile to become a Shiftup facilitator. This process is included in facilitator fees and will give you a huge benefit in your facilitation career. We are here to support you in preparation of your authorization session. That all our facilitators are authorized by ICAgile ensures that all future Shiftup participants can enter the ICAgile path consistently.

Do Shiftup qualify for PMP PDUs or other type of credits?

No, Shiftup does not have any other credit-based partnerships at this time, apart from ICAgile.

What is IC Agile?

The International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is a certification and accreditation body. They work with course providers to accredit new or existing courses against proven learning objectives. In turn, these courses can be offered to agile individuals and organizations for professional-level certifications.

I’m already authorized to teach a Business Agility Foundation Course (or any other track) with another member organization.

That’s great! However, each course is unique to the member organization which owns it. You must successfully pass the Authorization Session with our courseware in order to teach our course.

Can I teach a workshop without completing the Authorization Session?

No! The Shiftup Brand offers participants the opportunity to receive ICAgile certification upon successfully attending a workshop- and they will expect to receive it. In order to do this, all facilitators must pass the Authorization Session so their participants can receive certification.

Who pays for the Authorization Session and how do I get started scheduling and preparing?

It’s on us! But as a facilitator member, you are entitled to only one Authorization Session per year. You can find information about how to schedule and prepare for the course in the Facilitator Google Drive Folder.

Once a Shiftup Facilitator

What resources do I receive once I join the Shiftup facilitator community?

As a Shiftup facilitator, you will get direct access to content, coaching, and a community of peers (Shiftup Slack community). Depending on your membership level (and your achievements/badges), you gain access to courseware, games, and exercises, supported by a team that takes care of global marketing and ongoing content development. All members at Facilitator level or higher get free access to Workshop Butler. You can use this tool to publish, promote and sell your workshops and other events.

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What information do I have to provide Shiftup before and after I facilitate a workshop?

How does Shiftup support me with reaching out to participants when I set a workshop date and place?

What is Mind Settlers? How do I use it in my workshops?

Mind Settlers is a technology platform built to help individuals and teams explore actionable ideas and then take action, track value and share their learnings while building out their skills.
The Mind Settlers Android only app includes Shiftup actionable ideas as well as many other agile group activities and strategies. You can combine useful ideas into learning tracks for participants, clients or yourself, track value you generate.
As of now, Shiftup provides group activities used in the licensed workshops through Mind Settlers. A new worskhop-specific component to enhance collaboration among you and participants will be available by September 1st.

Does the Shiftup facilitator badge expire?

For each module of the Shiftup courses, we plan five different modalities of learning. Each of these learning modalities comes with its own badges (one badge per module). This means that, for each of the modules, you can earn five different badges. Some of the badges may expire after a certain amount of time which means they need to be earned again.

Do I have to pay a license fee when I offer the workshop for free?

Is there a Spanish (or any other language) translation of Shfitup material available?

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