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Why Shiftup

What is Shiftup?

Shiftup is the new qualification program, created by Jurgen Appelo, which focuses on continuous innovation and business agility. It is a remote-friendly, community-driven, experience-based program to self-develop and self-improve. It is not limited to a single topic (such as management), nor a single role (such as product ownership). Instead, it takes continuous innovation as the prerequisite for business agility and brings applicable cross-functional and cross-methodological tools to prevent failed agile transformations and create the new generation of startups and scaleups.

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What is the difference between Management 3.0 and Shiftup?

Management 3.0 focuses on leadership and management. Shiftup focuses on continuous innovation and it’s not a certification program but a qualification path.

Why should I become a Shiftup Qualification member? I already have multiple facilitation badges under my belt.

The Shiftup program provides you with a new self-development path to connect the dots between Agility and Innovation. This is not another certification in the market:  it’s better, newer, and harder. We want to help you build your own career and to improve your skills and knowledge about  the dots that connect Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Complexity Thinking.

Do Shiftup qualify for PMP PDUs or other type of credits?

No, Shiftup does not have any other credit-based partnerships at this time, apart from ICAgile.


How long does it take an active participant to achieve the lowest level of qualification?

In our program, we indicate two days of net effort. It depends on how much time a person can set aside per day to work on his/her qualification. If it’s one hour per day, the entire Beginner level should take about two weeks.

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Do I have to complete one level before starting with the next one?

The Qualification Program is a progressive journey. You can get points for each level simultaneously, but you will have to complete a level before finishing the next one.

Why should I become an Explorer member?

You should become an Explorer in order to access to exclusive content like videos, meetups and webinars with members like Jurgen Appelo, to get extra reports and guidance, to access the official Shiftup courseware, and to promote personal content on Shiftup channels. You can have a complete overview of the benefits here.

Why should I become a Facilitator member?

Becoming a Facilitator can grant you all the Explorer benefits plus the following: 

  • Host exclusive meetups and webinars
  • Become a moderator of content in the program
  • Access to official Shiftup courseware source materials
  • Promotion of workshops on Shiftup channels if you complete the QAIP qualification within 6 months of membership purchase
  • Promotion of meetups on Shiftup channels
  • 10% discount on Shiftup webshop products
  • ICAgile authorization for ICP-BAF certification (one session)

You can have a complete overview of the benefits here.

How can I see my progress in the program?

You can get a historical overview of your points with the History Report form. You can see the total scores you earned per objective with the Totals Report form.


Becoming a Shiftup member

What are the criteria for becoming a Shiftup Explorer or Facilitator?

You just need to start progressing in the Shiftup Qualification Program (you can find all the information in the “How to start” section) and pay your membership (Explorer or Facilitator).

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There is no event in my city/area, do you offer online training?

Shiftup is a remote-friendly qualification program so you can start the self-development path wherever you are. You can find all the information in the “How to start” section

Can I teach a Shiftup class if I only bought a membership but have not completed my qualification?

Yes, but you must clearly and explicitly indicate on your course registration page that you are not an officially authorized facilitator and that you cannot issue an official certification.

What are the fees associated with Shiftup facilitation?

Please refer to our website for more details on the fees Fees/charges

Please note, the facilitator fee includes an instructor authorization session with ICAgile (a value of $250-$1000 per person)

In addition to our yearly License Fees we charge Event Fees per official event/workshop per participant and they depend on the purchasing power level per country (where the participant is based), which is determined by the average GDP per capita*.

What are country categories, and how do I find mine?

You can find the country categories here. Shiftup fees are determined based on the country where you are based in your work, ie. where you pay taxes for your work. For instance, if you are a facilitator from Greece but you invoice customers from a company based in Spain primarily, then your country category would follow Spain. 


What is IC Agile?

The International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is a certification and accreditation body. They work with course providers to accredit new or existing courses against proven learning objectives. In turn, these courses can be offered to agile individuals and organizations for professional-level certifications.

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How do I claim my ICAgile authorization? Do you pay for my ICAgile authorization fee?

Our team will be in touch with you regarding the days and times of when you can claim your ICAgile authorization. That authorization meeting is handled by ICAgile itself, and we arrange the meeting for you. Shiftup membership fees include ICAgile authorization. There is a maximum of one authorization session per year.

Can I run a Shiftup workshop without having the ICAgile authorization?

Yes, you can run a Shiftup workshop without the ICAgile authorization. You need to need to get qualified as a Agility & Innovation Professional in the first 6 months of your path as a Shiftup facilitator. Otherwise, you will be removed from the Shiftup website.

Join our Shiftup Program
and start your qualification path

Join our Shiftup Program
and start your qualification path