Finance & Accounting

Some think that finance and accounting practices are unrelated to business agility and continuous innovation. Nothing could be more wrong. Quite often, outdated financial management keeps an organization from embracing agility and innovation. In this program, financial people learn how to support rather than kill the changes that are needed in an organization that wants to survive in the 21st century.

Our continuous learning program for Finance & Accounting consists of five levels: Booster, Advancer, Professional, Expert, and Master, and each level consists of many objectives to complete. As a continuous learner, you are in control over the activities and your chosen path toward completion. You can choose to earn points in different roles by reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, participating in meetups, attending webinars, and much more. It’s your journey, your calendar. You decide how to move forward until you earn your next diploma. We are here to help you get qualified, not certified.

The entire Finance & Accounting program covers 64 topics. The table shows how many points participants need to earn, per topic and per level. The required number of points increases steadily over the five levels. And some topics require more points than others.

Note: the program is open and crowdsourced. The Shiftup team is not responsible for creating and providing all content and events. When the available activities are insufficient to complete objectives, we expect learners to find and suggest activities so that we can add them to the library. Submitters of new content and events will be rewarded with extra points!

It is easy to get started. Sign up and evaluate one or two articles or videos. This will get the ball rolling. Alternatively, you can check out upcoming events or participate in one or two workshops. All activities result in points and, ultimately, an enjoyable learning journey and a completed qualification program!