and the North Star Metric

Objectives and Key Results seem to be the new Holy Grail. Many organizations are embracing the new goal-setting framework that was invented at Intel and popularized by Google. At the same time, most organizations are unwilling to let go of their Key Performance Indicators. After all, how can you achieve objectives without targets and incentives?

And then there is the North Star Metric: the highly focused approach commonly used by startups and scale-ups to get high-performance, agile teams aligned around a single team-wide metric. And if this technique works for young businesses, then why not the larger ones? And does goal setting even work when people are dynamically teaming and switching between contexts?

In this workshop, we are pioneers on a mission to find out how the benefits of OKRs, KPIs, and the North Star Metric can be meaningfully combined, depending on context.

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  • September – November 2021

Our self-paced workshops consist of different activities. We expect you to read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and more. This is all followed by a series of online workshop meetups, which include various discussions and exercises. These meetups are repeated multiple times across different time zones so that all attendees have a choice of different options. When you miss a meetup, you can still attend one of the others or choose to watch the video later.

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