How to
Make Suggestions

Do you know some great articles, exercises, podcasts? Maybe you created some of these yourself? Are you planning to attend an interesting meetup, lean coffee, or webinar? Maybe you are the organizer of an event?

Why not submit new content and events for inclusion in our library? This will help you with promotion and it will help our members to achieve their objectives.

On the MindSettlers website, you can submit content suggestions for consideration in our programs. On top of that, your successful submissions will automatically result in points for you. You can even submit your own work. If it looks good, we accept it. The things that you submit can be anywhere on the Internet, as long as we can make a direct link to it.

When you offer a suggestion, you can tell us which Program, Level, and Objective it should belong to. (But our moderators will decide.) If you don’t know, you can leave these fields empty. After submitting new content, you are allowed to add an evaluation immediately. (This is not possible for events.)

A special note about presentation events (webinars and talks): we make a distinction between Live events versus Recorded events. Live events have attendees when they are happening, either online or offline. Recorded events have no attendees. Instead, they can have viewers. When organizers make sure to record their event, they can add two activities two our system: the live version of the event (which has a scheduled date and time), and the recorded version of the event (available after it has taken place). We treat these as separate activities.

We do not accept events that took place in the past! For events that already happened, choose the Recorded option and offer the URL where people can view the video. For events that still need to take place, choose the Live option and offer the URL where people can learn how to attend the event.

Please note that moderation and administration of new suggestions takes us a few days, depending on how busy things are. There is a delay between getting a notification for a new content suggestion that was accepted, and the moment the content becomes available and you receive points for it. There are manual steps in between, which we try to do once per day.

In the future, everyone who suggests new content and activities gets a small, extra reward as the Submitter of the activity.