The Lean-Agile Mindset Exercise

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In this exercise, you discuss lean-agile values and principles and how they line up with the ten business lifecycle stages. The activity can be done in a small group (between two and ten people.)

Total time: 10 minutes.

  1. Get a Lean-Agile Values & Principles sheet
    You can get this sheet from a facilitator, or you can download it when you sign up for the Shiftup Program.
  2. Get the posters of the Ten Business Lifecycle Stages
    A workshop facilitator can put these on a wall, or you can download them when you sign up for the Shiftup Program.
  3. Match the stages with values and principles
    Set a timer to 5 minutes. Let each person in the group review the Lean-Agile Values & Principles sheet and decide which of these values and principles could match specific lifecycle stages. Some values and principles are always applicable, while others might need special attention in a specific part of the business lifecycle. Write sticky notes for selected values and principles.
  4. Use sticky notes to mark the stages
    Each person in the group adds their sticky notes of selected values and principles to the lifecycle stages. You can use arrows to mark the beginning and the ending of a period if the match is across multiple stages.
  5. Briefly discuss the outcomes
    Compare the results across the entire group. Which of the values and principles are a good match for which lifecycle stages?


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