This Is How Our Qualification Program Works

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The goal of a qualification program is not conformance to a norm or standard. (That’s what certification programs are for.) Instead, the goal of qualification is to validate effort and accomplishment. A certified professional is someone who knows specific things. A qualified professional is someone with proven abilities to do certain things. Our motto is clear: “Get Qualified, Not Certified

The Shiftup Qualification Program is about getting people to actively work together through experimentation, reflection, and discussion. We measure if people put in enough effort to gain experience and then we give them official qualification awards.

  • We offer organizational change through gamified self-improvement, in a way that is cheaper and more effective than workshop-only approaches
  • We do this by creating and moderating content in various forms (articles, videos, meetups, etc.) and by setting up qualification journeys
  • Our focus is the intersection of continuous innovation & business agility, in collaboration with other parties that focus on other domains

People are motivated by making progress toward a goal, showing off their accomplishments, doing something that feels meaningful, collaborating in communities, and self-organizing and building something out of nothing. We trigger all these motivators with our program.



The Shiftup Program defines five qualification levels. As a player (or active participant), you can earn points by doing things that we expect from professionals, such as reviewing articles, doing exercises, playing (serious) games, participating in meetups, watching videos, and much more.

  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Beginner (QAIB) – Level 1 – approx. 2 days of effort
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Advancer (QAIA) – Level 2 – approx. 5 days of effort
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional (QAIP) – Level 3 – approx. 10 days of effort
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Expert (QAIE) (planned) – Level 4 – approx. 20 days of effort
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Master (QAIM) (planned) – Level 5 – approx. 50 days of effort

Here is a key difference with standard certificates: There is no fixed set of content and there is no standard set of requirements: you can pick one of the following content types: articles, exercises, or videos (more content types will be available soon)… and then use the link in the Report Evaluation column to offer your input on it. The library of articles, exercises, videos, and podcasts will keep growing and growing. New content appears while other content expires. Your job as a professional is to make an effort to stay informed and to keep practicing your abilities. That’s what we measure.

This means that you choose how you want to earn the required points. For some objectives, you may want to attend online meetups. For other categories, you may prefer watching videos and playing games. You’re the professional. You figure it out.


Membership Levels and Benefits

To participate in the Shiftup Qualification Program, players must be a program member (you can sign up here). We have three membership levels:

  • Everyone (Free) Everyone who submits their first content or activity reports
  • Explorer (Paid) Players who want to go deeper and are motivated to finish a qualification
  • Facilitator (Pro) Players who achieved a qualification and desire additional member benefits

Shiftup Qualification Program Membership


It will be possible to complete the entire qualification levels as a free (non-paying) member. However, official awards are only reserved for paying members. Also, depending on the membership level, you get access to exclusive content and exclusive rights in the community. These benefits will expand and evolve over time.

(To understand how to promote your content, check out: New Article Submission, New Exercise Submission and New Video Submission)


Where to Start

The easiest way to start is to read any article from this list and then use the link in the Report Evaluation column to offer you input on it.


That’s it. Off you go!


Agility & Innovation Shiftup Qualification Program