Qualified Agility &
Innovation Professional

It’s a qualification,
not a certification

The Agility & Innovation Qualification Program is a gamified program for people who are interested in one or more of the following:

  • Connecting the dots between Agile Development, Lean Management, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Complexity Thinking.
  • Collecting experiences in a cross-functional way across multiple domains and not limited to one specific method, framework, or solution.
  • Earning recognition for community contributions and actual accomplishments rather than getting a certificate for merely attending a workshop.

Starting new teams and scaling up innovation is more critical than ever. Most companies are expected to screw up and die within the next two decades. They will be replaced by a new generation of disruptive startups and scaleups except for the organizations that learn how to disrupt themselves.

The Agility & Innovation Qualification Program helps you understand how innovation works across the lifecycle of a business, and it prepares you for your role in the creation and delivery of innovative products and services in continuously changing environments.

Everything we do revolves around qualifications (as a better alternative to certifications) that require people to actively gain knowledge and experience. Many people are motivated by making progress toward a goal, showing off their accomplishments, doing something that feels meaningful, collaborating in communities, and self-organizing and building something out of nothing. We trigger all these motivators with our program.

On top of that, we use gamification techniques such as badges, progress bars, exclusive offers, randomness and surprise, and building up collections. Each qualification consists of a number of objectives where objectives can be completed individually or in parallel. And the qualifications may expire.

We offer five qualification levels (overview here):

  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Beginner (QAIB) – objectives
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Advancer (QAIA) – objectives
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional (QAIP) – objectives
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Expert (QAIE) – soon
  • Qualified Agility & Innovation Master (QAIM) – soon

The Shiftup Agility & Innovation Qualification Program is about getting people to actively and collaboratively work on their knowledge and experience through experiments and discussions. We measure when people have put in enough effort to gain experience and then we offer them an official qualification.

  • A path to prevent failed agile transformations and to boost continuous innovation. 
  • A focus on what matters most to you, with tasks, games, exercises, and challenges that best match your personal path of self-development.
  • Fair membership fees that are affordable, adjusted for regional price levels, and lower than what people pay for traditional certification.
  • Engaging gameplay that resembles a truly gamified environment than any standard certification program can provide.

In this qualification program, you will not merely review dozens of practices and buzzwords. Instead, you achieve a foundational ability to fit multiple tools together into the larger picture of continuous innovation. This program is more challenging than others. It’s better, newer, and harder.


How to start

  1. Sign up for the Qualification Program here
  2. Start by reading some articles, completing some exercises and reporting your progress. Don’t you know where to start? Don’t worry! Here you have the most recent articles and exercises. But you can also start with the most popular ones (articles and exercises).
  3. Check the Agility & Innovation community progress: top countries, top players (soon).

Be part of the 
Agility & Innovation community

This program is collaborative and community-driven. We want the community of all of us who want to improve our skills and knowledge merging innovation with agility to shape it. Help us build a collection of games, tools, and exercises” You can submit: