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Jurgen Appelo is the CEO of a startup and quite familiar with all the latest trends. He was once Entrepreneur of the Year in The Netherlands. He launched Agility Scales, a company that got EUR 1M of investments. He founded two other businesses, both of which are profitable. As a public speaker, he travels around Europe all the time. His list of clients includes the largest and best-known European companies.

Now, Jurgen is focused on re-inventing traditional certifications and helping companies prevent and fix failed agile transformations. Now that agility and innovation are more critical than ever and the pressure to launch the right business is high, Jurgen has created a collaborative environment for self-development: a space to learn and share knowledge where you can gain experience by practicing and improving your skills.

He wants to have an impact on the world. Will you join him?

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Managing for Happiness

A practical handbook for managers that offers a complete set of practices for more effective management that makes work fun.

How to change the world

It is one of the questions we get most often: How do I deal with my crappy organization? You have three options: Ignore it, Quit your job, or Learn about change management.

Management 3.0

Agile management is an often-overlooked part of Agile. But this book is actually not about Agile. It is about healthy, sensible, and down-to-earth management.

Agility Scales

With the purpose of providing companies with the technology platform they need to achieve agility at scale from the bottom-up, Agility Scales has created a gamified path and built the technology needed that allows experimentation, collaboration, reflection, and discussion and is able to measure the progress people are making and the effort they are putting in to self-develop and to gain experience. Coming out soon!

Management 3.0

If you want to boost productivity, nurture innovation, motivate any team and change the culture, you can also check my Management 3.0 workshops, which enable each team to set out a path to success and purpose.

Management 3.0 is a global management revolution that brings together thousands of project managers, mid-level managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, developing solutions together, using games to encourage employee feedback and team collaboration.


You can contact me on my Social Media or to know the means I’m most comfortable with.

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