We have partnered with ICAgile to offer official ICAgile certifications (with a value of $60 per certificate per participant) for those who complete a Shiftup workshop led by one of our ICAgile Authorized facilitators. Registration is managed by the Shiftup team.

ICAgile certifications

We include in our facilitator membership (annual fee):

  • An ICAgile Authorization session (with a value of $250-$1000 per session per person). There is a maximum of one authorization session per year.
  • A mapping of ICAgile Learning Objectives to Shiftup topics and a kit to face the ICAgile authorization session, to prepare the authorization session.
  • The right to award ICAgile certificates to participants for those who have passed the authorization session.

Without authorization, the facilitator can use our content and organize classes, but there will be no ICAgile certificates. Details about authorization are on the ICAgile website.

ICAgile certification – FAQs

Can I run a Shiftup workshop without having the ICAgile authorization?

Yes, you can run a Shiftup workshop without the ICAgile authorization. You just need to get qualified as an Agility & Innovation Professional in the first 6 months of your path as a Shiftup facilitator. Otherwise, your workshops will not be advertised on our website.

How do I claim my ICAgile authorization? Do you pay for my ICAgile authorization fee?

Our team will be in touch with you regarding the days and times of when you can claim your ICAgile authorization. That authorization meeting is handled by ICAgile itself, and we arrange the meeting for you. Shiftup membership fees include ICAgile authorization. There is a maximum of one authorization session per year.

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